Mr. Emilios Gavira´s Urban CX Rohloff

Mr. Emilio Gavira told us he hadn´t rode a bike in 25 years as he couldn’t find anything that suited his unusual size and proportions as he was born with dwarfism.

Design wise was a lot more work than we expected. We were conscious that we couldn’t approach the design just as a “smaller” bike. We tried to do everything in the same way normally make a custom bicycle; get an idea of his/her actual position over the bike as a starting point (non existent in this case), physical proportions and condition, and the desired use or type of riding. We got in touch with different associations and frame builders with experience with biking and dwarfism to get some insight in the matter. There are hundreds of types of conditions so proportions may be completely different from in each person (and so the designing approach).

The objective was to make an urban bike to occasionally get a ride on a dirt road so we tried to use the bigger wheels that we could but finally 20” (406) wheels seemed the best option to get a proportionated bicycle and to ensure some grade of component adjustment.

Special attention was taken to the bottom bracket drop (directly related with the crank axis distance from the ground), reach, handlebar drop (positive in this case) and possible component clearance problems arising from small distances and spaces. 

The built have hydraulic brakes to get a short and efficient brake lever action Rohloff internal geared hub, wrist gear shifter for ease of operation and to avoid problems with the front and rear derailleur.

40 min after Emilio had left the shop with his new bike he was texting us about how happy was to be able to ride a confortable and good performing bike. Those texts have been coming occasionally from month to month and we are very happy we helped someone to get on to the bike again!.