Andreas Otto "Møllehøj" Stainless Steel Road

Performance and simplicity.

That was what Andreas from Denmark asked for.

Classic road frame made from Reynolds 953 stainless steel,  top of the range alloy of the famous english tube manufacturer. These tubes need more than 40 steps to be made (it´s a slow process that includes welding, butting, shaping, heat treatment, butting...). A tube that is difficult to made and to work with. It has to be brazed with high content silvers alloys.

This frame is characterized by it´s rigidity, lightweight and chemical resistance (yea, rust resistance). Thickness in some tubes can go down to 0.35 mm but that won't make it a fragile frame but a lighter one. Tensile strength of 953 it´s around 1750-2050 MPa, great difference when compared to normal CrMoV alloys that whose range would be around 1050-1250 MPa.

Stainless Paragon drops, Columbus Tusk Straight full carbon fork. All the fittings are also in stainless steel to avoid rusted threads. Custom stem and paint job that shows in some zones the raw material (and avoid chain slap paint damage).