Mr. Oliver Fuchs CX Urban Rohloff Carbon Gates

For daily commuting and ocasional rides on dirt tracks. A versatile bicycle thanks to the coupling of Rolloff internal geared hub and the Carbon Gates belt transmission; smooth and silent, accurate and long-lasting.

Designed around an upright position between a 29r and a road bike to ease the transition between the sand up and seated positions.

Frame built with a custom set of Columbus HSS/Spirit and Life tubes chosen to minimize flexion in the bottom bracket and front area of the bicycle (46 mm head tube and Dedacciai K32 full carbon disk fork).

Rear brake and Rohloff cables inner routing through top and down tube respectively. Hydraulic Trickstuff Cleg 4 disk brakes, Brooks Swallow saddle, 700x32c wheels. Ritchey stem and handlebar custom painted to match the color of scheme of the frame and fork.

Urban CX "Nemo"

Simple, fast, stiff, one gear. This bike was designed around the concept of simple riding, adjusting your pedaling to the environment whether it is the city or dirt roads. The perfect balance between commuting and CX. Capable of withstanding some abuse but swift.

Custom selection of Dedacciai Zero tubes paired with K32 full carbon fork to ensure a stiff and light frame. 

Santiago "Low Rider"

Santiago was looking for an urban ride, simple, low maintenance, confortable and light, for daily commuting and ocasional chores. Custom rack for light loads and painted fix mudguards to forget about rainy days. Minimalistic chain guard to suit the rest of the build.

Frame made in fillet brazing with Dedacciai Zero Uno tubes and fork with Columbus Max lugs and blades. Everything designed to work around a 3 speed internal hub, functional and reliable. 

Andreas Otto "Møllehøj" Stainless Steel Road

Performance and simplicity.

That was what Andreas from Denmark asked for.

Classic road frame made from Reynolds 953 stainless steel,  top of the range alloy of the famous english tube manufacturer. These tubes need more than 40 steps to be made (it´s a slow process that includes welding, butting, shaping, heat treatment, butting...). A tube that is difficult to made and to work with. It has to be brazed with high content silvers alloys.

This frame is characterized by it´s rigidity, lightweight and chemical resistance (yea, rust resistance). Thickness in some tubes can go down to 0.35 mm but that won't make it a fragile frame but a lighter one. Tensile strength of 953 it´s around 1750-2050 MPa, great difference when compared to normal CrMoV alloys that whose range would be around 1050-1250 MPa.

Stainless Paragon drops, Columbus Tusk Straight full carbon fork. All the fittings are also in stainless steel to avoid rusted threads. Custom stem and paint job that shows in some zones the raw material (and avoid chain slap paint damage).


Mr. Emilios Gavira´s Urban CX Rohloff

Mr. Emilio Gavira told us he hadn´t rode a bike in 25 years as he couldn’t find anything that suited his unusual size and proportions as he was born with dwarfism.

Design wise was a lot more work than we expected. We were conscious that we couldn’t approach the design just as a “smaller” bike. We tried to do everything in the same way normally make a custom bicycle; get an idea of his/her actual position over the bike as a starting point (non existent in this case), physical proportions and condition, and the desired use or type of riding. We got in touch with different associations and frame builders with experience with biking and dwarfism to get some insight in the matter. There are hundreds of types of conditions so proportions may be completely different from in each person (and so the designing approach).

The objective was to make an urban bike to occasionally get a ride on a dirt road so we tried to use the bigger wheels that we could but finally 20” (406) wheels seemed the best option to get a proportionated bicycle and to ensure some grade of component adjustment.

Special attention was taken to the bottom bracket drop (directly related with the crank axis distance from the ground), reach, handlebar drop (positive in this case) and possible component clearance problems arising from small distances and spaces. 

The built have hydraulic brakes to get a short and efficient brake lever action Rohloff internal geared hub, wrist gear shifter for ease of operation and to avoid problems with the front and rear derailleur.

40 min after Emilio had left the shop with his new bike he was texting us about how happy was to be able to ride a confortable and good performing bike. Those texts have been coming occasionally from month to month and we are very happy we helped someone to get on to the bike again!.