Custom Forks

The fork is an essential part of the character of the bicycle, since the rake and the shape of it will determine the overall behavior of the bicycle; the handling of the bicycle depends directly in the type of fork used. A custom fork could make an existing bicycle handle more stable or faster, or give a smoother or more aggressive ride. The type and shape of the tubes, the existence or position of the curve in the blades or rake could all alter, in one way or another, the behavior of the bicycle.

There are a wide variety of fork crowns and fork drops available. Please get in contact to find out what we can get for you.



Steel custom fork starts at 300 € (Spanish 21% V.A.T. included). Price includes rack and/or mudward bosses and canti/V brakes when needed.


-Stainless steel drops +50 €

-Stainless polished/brushed fork crown +70 €

-Disk brake +80 €


-Wet spray single color 50 €

-More colors and/or finish ask for price



A custom stem helps us dial in one of the three points of contact you will have with your bike (your handlebar, your saddle, and your pedals). It's very common that cyclists have to use what's available on the market, but with a custom stem, we can change the length or rise any way we want, in order to find the best place for the handlebar.

A custom step finishes off a build aesthetically and functionally. We can make fillet brazed or lugged stems, quill or threadless, high-rise or with integrated cable stops or other accessories.


Prices (21% Spanish VAT included):

Custom stems start at 230 €.

  • One-color polished or metallic paint, included.
  • Quill stems, for threaded headsets, or a-head stems are available.
  • Price also includes a position study, taking into account the frame that you will use.
  • Ordered with with a frame or complete bicycle, we offer a 10% discount.


-Chrome finish +15 €.

-Canti brake cable guide +20€.

-Bell, shifter or any other mount +15€.